A4 Aviation partners with Ocean Bottle to save the ocean

Published November 25, 2020 11:52

A4Aviation partners with Ocean Bottle to save the ocean

We see with a lot of concern the increasing plastic pollution in the world today and we as a company wanted to take action on preventing more plastic pollution coming into the ocean. Therefore A4Aviation has partnered with Ocean bottle.

Here are a few facts:

  • 22 million kgs of plastic enters our ocean every day. That's one truckload every minute. It's increasing.
  • By 2050 there will be more plastic by weight than fish in our oceans and the rate of plastic going into our oceans is only increasing.
  • Yet up to 80% of the world's ocean plastic comes from a lack of waste management infrastructure in coastal communities around the world.

1 Ocean Bottle = 1000 plastic bottles collected

For the sale of every bottle, we contribute directly to The Plastic Bank who ensure 11.4kg of plastic, equivalent of over 1000 plastic bottles will always be collected.

What Ocean Bottle has achieved so far:

  • By 2025 Ocean Bottle commits to collecting 80million kgs of plastic which is equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles stopping them from ever entering our oceans.
  • They have sold 82,472 bottles and collected 937,542 KG’s of ocean bound plastic. This corresponds to the volume of 33 olympic swimming pools or 137 football fields in surface area.

Supporting the local economy

  • Ocean Bottle collaborates with over 4300 plastic collectors, who live and work in places where plastic pollution is worst, they do the critical work to collect, sort and recycle much of the world’s waste. Some collectors work full time and for others, it's a side hustle to earn extra income for the family.
  • The majority of plastic collectors do not, however have the protection from governments or municipal authorities many of us do. It’s our duty to ensure they receive a fair income for their work which is why we work with Plastic Bank & IBM blockchain technology to formalise an often informal & unfair waste sector.
  • So approx. 50% of the purchase of the bottle goes to support the local economy and at the same time helping to solve the plastic crisis.

Help us save the ocean & support the local economy

Become part of the solution to the ocean plastic crisis and support the livelihoods of people living on the front lines of the ocean plastic crisis.

There are two ways you can help us support the work in fighting the plastic crises:

  1. Buy an A4 Aviation Ocean Bottle on our Shop, or
  2. Order for at least 1500 EUR in our shop and receive a free Ocean Bottle in the colour of your choice. Once your basket is ready, simply add your new Ocean Bottle to your cart!

The Ocean Bottle with its flawless design makes it the perfect companion to avoid single-use plastic every day forever. Not to mention your ticket to becoming part of a movement dedicated to saving our oceans.

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